Sunday, August 29, 2010

30% Refreshing and 70% Waste

The standard drinking fountain is a refreshing site for a thirst that needs quenching. Until I was presented with a brochure on a new product that helps reduce the amount plastic bottle waste from consumers, I would have never thought about the percentage of used and wasted water at a drinking fountain. I know that my 30/70 percent ration is just from my own personal experience, but unless you can consume the water being dispensed from the water tap at the same rate, a percentage is going down the drain. Elkay has presented the plumbing industry with a new addition to their line of water coolers that helps support all of the users of sports and echo bottles. Elkay has even gone to the level of providing information to the green community by including a meter that tells how many plastic water bottles have been saved from our landfills. This kind of business thinking is what keeps companies like Elkay as a leader in their market. Check out the new EZH2O to go at:

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